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Infrastructure Solutions

enherent's Infrastructure Solutions provide our clients with a secure, stable platform for storing, processing and protecting corporate data and assets. From network and security infrastructure implementation to customized security solutions, enherent enhances network operations through proven, business-focused solutions. enherent will plan, build, or maintain a robust, scalable, and reliable infrastructure solution that supports business initiatives and enterprise performance requirements.
The complexity of the digital universe and on-going threats of attack have left many organization without the necessary security architecture in place to protect their most valuable information and technology assets. enherent Security Solutions protect enterprise assets and identify security vulnerabilities. From state-of-the-art penetration testing to firewall and application integration, enherent can design and implement a security solution for any technology, industry requirement, or business model. Our Security Solutions provide:
  • Security Architecture and Design: analyze your entire network infrastructure and recommend placement of perimeter firewalls, internal firewalls, high-availability solutions, VPN devices, and network and host based intrusion detection systems.
  • Internal and External Security Assessments- provide an in-depth security analysis of your external or internal network by simulating a penetration - attacking your network to access non-public services, exploit the penetrated services and locate sensitive information. The result is an assessment that helps organizations: understand the threats posed by web technologies and publicly available information; identity vulnerabilities and potential impact to the organization; Validate the organizational response and the adequacy of existing security policies and safeguards; and develop a strategy for addressing newly discovered vulnerabilities. 
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